Botswana Navitel

Botswana Navitel
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24. Sep 2017

Detailed maps of Botswana for Navitel

Aerial View 3D View Search by Address

Map for Navitel based mapping OpenStreetMap constantly updated.

Navitel allows you to use Mapmania maps only with a simple installation.
Navitel you can install as you do with any other app from the store of your device.
Create a folder on your device and decompresses the downloaded maps.
The program uses> Menu> User Maps> Add Atlas
Browse to the folder where you unzipped the maps and access.
Once the maps have been indexed (can take some time) will be available.



License Agreement

Mapmania maps are generated daily downloading OpenStreetMap geographic information and generating maps for each type of device. If you're a member you can get updated digital maps (are updated within a maximum of 30 days) to your favorite devices: Android Phones, Iphone, Windows Phone. Android tablets, Ipad. Computers (Basecamp Garmin) and Garmin devices. Topographic maps contain additional geographic information, such as date and contour routing functions adapted to offroad use. In order to maintain the daily updates and servers, we ask for a donation.
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