Oman Garmin

Oman Garmin
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28. Apr 2019

Detailed maps of Oman for Garmin receivers

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Map for Garmin, based mapping OpenStreetMap, which is constantly updated with input from users. In October 2014 the project were around 1,840,000 registered users, of which about 22,600 performed some editing in the last month. The number of users is growing by 10% per month (Wikipedia)


For use in Garmin devices, it is recommended to download the file and copy xxxxxx_gmapsupp.img on an SD card into the "Garmin" folder. Otherwise there will create and rename the file as "gmapsupp.img" Inserting this into the slot Garmin GPS we map available on the drive.

1186 Hotels
7971 Citys
602 Campings
4979 Restaurants
6635 Commerces
2849 Attractions
3976 Car Services
1524 Mountains

License Agreement

Mapmania maps are generated daily by downloading geographic information from OpenStreetMap and generating maps for each type of device.
You can get updated digital maps (updated within a maximum of 60 days) on your favorite devices: Android Phones, Iphone, Windows Phone. Android tablets, Ipad. Computers (Garmin Basecamp) and Garmin devices.
The maps contain additional geographic information, such as city indexing and routing functions adapted to offroad use.
Mapmania is not responsible for the use that you can give to these maps.
Neither is responsible for the errors that these maps contain.

I agree to the terms listed above

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